Senate GOP Responds to Obama's Unaffordable Energy Plan

Colorado Senate Republicans released the following statements today in response to President Obama’s unilateral and undemocratic imposition of an incredibly-costly “Clean Power Plan” on the states.

From Senate President Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs):

"Senate Republicans are disappointed by the EPA rules rolled out today by the Obama administration. I can promise that Senate Republicans will offer legislation in January to require full PUC public hearings and PUC approval before any state agency adopts rules to implement this costly electric power generation mandate in Colorado. This President continues to show complete disdain for Congress with another end-run around the legislative process. The liberal extremists are conspiring with the White House to eviscerate federalism, the separation of powers and state's rights."

From Senator John B. Cooke (R-Weld County):

"The Governor needs to commit himself to a true public process, including a rigorous review by the people’s representatives in the Colorado General Assembly, before giving a green light to Colorado’s implementation of this new federal mandate. These rules are being challenged in federal court by sixteen states, and I hope that Colorado’s Attorney General will join that lawsuit now that the EPA rules are final. The fact is, the Clean Air Act passed by Congress does not authorize these costly dictates, and there is a good chance the US Supreme Court will block these rules for that reason."

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President Obama was the People’s choice to represent them, even in Colorado. The US Supreme Court, in an opinion by Chief Justice Roberts—an appointee of the last (and previous) GOP president—recognized the authority of the Executive Branch, though powers given it by the legislative branch, aka Congress, in the Clean Air Act as amended in 1990, signed by that other Bush president—also a Republican—to limit carbon pollution.. Thus far from violating federalism or states rights or any of the other fossilfuel funded malarkey streaming from GOP mouthpiece’s orifices, the Clean Power Plan has roots in three Executive administration (two GOP, 1 Dem) both houses of Congress, and the federal judiciary. So you, unsurprisingly, are just spouting total nonsense, the kind Ken Buck wears his boots for.
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