Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee Passes Bill to Aid Small Businesses

The Senate Business, Labor, and Technology committee approved a bill to provide regulatory relief to small businesses on a 6-3 vote this afternoon. Senate Bill 15-180, sponsored by Senator Tim Neville (R-Littleton)changes the penal procedure when a business violates a rule for the first time and provides opportunities for educational outreach.

The state government is constantly enacting new regulations, and complying with those regulations can be extremely costly for small businesses. Often, these businesses are not even aware that such regulations exist,” Senator Neville stated. “I’m happy to see some of my Democratic colleagues willing to work across the aisle to help Colorado small businesses succeed.” 

Under Senate Bill 15-180, when a small business commits a minor violation of a new state rule for the first time, a warning is issued rather than a penalty. This bill also requires government agencies to educate businesses to help them comply with new regulations.

Senate Bill 15-180 will now move on to the Senate floor for a full vote.

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