Senate Bill 14 Clears First Hurdle in Effort to Boost Crime Victim’s Rights

(DENVER) – On a bipartisan 4-0 (1 excused) vote, Senate Bill-14, authored by Senators John Cooke (R-Greeley) and Senator Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora), has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senate Bill-14 requires the Colorado Department of Corrections to inform the victims of an inmate if that inmate is moved to another facility outside the State of Colorado. Currently, this policy is only in effect for intrastate transfers.

“Even a simple piece of legislation such as Senate Bill-14 can bring peace of mind to crime victims here in Colorado, and I’m excited to see this bipartisan legislation move through judiciary,” said Senator Cooke.

The families of two of the 2012 Aurora Shooting victims testified in support of SB-14 during the committee hearing, stating that being unaware of the convicted killer’s whereabouts left them with feelings of perpetual fear and uncertainty.

SB-14 will now move to Committee of the Whole before returning to the Senate Floor for a final vote.

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