Senate Bill 128 Steamrolls 6 Democrats Trying to Continue Empowering Bureaucracy

DENVER – Despite the opposition of Democrat Senators Donovan, Moreno, Zenzinger, Kefalas, Merrifield, and Fenberg, Colorado is one step closer to taking power from the bureaucracy and putting it in the hands of our citizens.

Senate Bill 128, sponsored by Senator Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs) requires that all fee increases from state agencies must be approved by the state legislature. These fees include licensure fees, business license fees, and other fees that any state agency charges the citizens of Colorado.

“It was great to see this bill get bipartisan support today because empowering our legislature, and empowering our citizens, is truly not a partisan issue,” said Senator Bob Gardner. “Giving our people a voice in the fees that they have to pay is exactly the way our democracy works, and I’m confident that Senate Bill 128 will pass the House and head to the Governor’s desk.”

Senate Bill 128 now moves to the House for consideration while the previously mentioned Democrat Senators think hard about why they were elected in the first place.

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