Scott To Co-Host Town Hall Focused on Roadway Safety

GRAND JUNCTION – Can motorists and bicyclists peacefully coexist and safely share the roads?

That will be the focus of a forum next Monday, August 27, from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm at the Grand Junction City Hall Auditorium, co-hosted by State Senator Ray Scott and Rep. Yeulin Willet, in conjunction with Mesa County's Sheriff Matt Lewis and Captain Matt Ozanic from the Colorado State Patrol. Join us for an open discussion on "Rules Of The Road" with motorists and cyclists. Our hosts will answer questions and provide statistics on auto/bike incidents, as well as an overview of current Colorado State Law.

"I'm concerned that we have had too many conflicts resulting in terrible injuries and some which have resulted in death, it is my hope that educating drivers and cyclists that we can reduce these accidents and save lives," Scotts said, explaining the reason he believes such an event will be helpful. “Together we can address the concerns of our community to make sure everyone can safely enjoy our roads."

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Please when considering any changes in the bicycle laws consider doing what Pennsylvania and other Easter States do…having the bikes ride facing oncoming traffic. So much safer and both car and cyclist can see and respond to each other so much more easily. Still use bike paths, but in opposite direction from the cars. Check the safety data in those states that do this.
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