Scott's Select Committee on Energy and the Environment Returns

Denver -- Grand Junction Republican Ray Scott today announced a new round of hearings before the Senate Select Committee on Energy and Environment (SSCEE), which he chairs, touching on issues ranging from natural gas export opportunities to the local budget impacts of severance taxes. 

This is the second session running for the panel, which does not hear bills but instead conducts informative “deep dives” into various energy- or environment-related topics, has been active in shaping Statehouse debates. Scott sees SSCEE’s mission as educational rather than polemical. “The select committee primary focus is on promoting energy and environmental literacy,” said Scott, “by cutting through the fog and presenting the facts on issues that too often are obscured by needless controversy and sensationalist spin from organized extremists.”

Scott describes these as more like briefings than hearings, where experts will present their facts and findings and field questions, but the public-at-large, though welcome to attend, won’t testify. Here are the dates and events Scott has scheduled for the second half of the session. Exact times and room locations will be announced later.

  • On March 15 the SSCEE will focus on he "Jordan Cove LNG export terminal" and what it means for CO


  • The March 22 will feature a briefing called “Severance Tax and property tax 101: Where does the Money Go?”


  • The SSCEE on March 29 will look at the "Colorado Power Plan," impacts on Colorado residents and industry:


  • And on April 5, the SSCEE tackles "Orphan Well Remediation: What Efforts are Underway and Why?”


“I anticipate that what’s presented will not only be informative, substantive and newsworthy, but that it will help all of us in Colorado, from the General Assembly to the general public, make more informed policy choices on both these topics,” said Scott.  



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