Scott Bill Aims to Boost Rural Colorado

DENVER – State Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction) again affirmed his support for rural Colorado today, with Second Reading passage of a bill, Senate Bill-5, aimed to ensuring that rural parts of the state aren’t overlooked, and instead become a priority, when state economic assistance efforts are made.

“This bipartisan bill will help struggling communities jump-start their economies by providing grant money and other forms of assistance to rural parts of the state that are lagging economically and experiencing hardship,” said Scott. Senator Kerry Donovan, a Vail Democrat, is a co-prime sponsor on the bill.

SB-5 directs Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs keep the state’s 49 rural counties foremost in mind as they determine where to direct economic assistance efforts. “Our emphasis now needs to be on expanding opportunity and prosperity for all Coloradans, not just those living along the urbanized Front Range,” added Scott, “and this bill will help ensure that our most economically distressed areas will become a priority, rather than an afterthought.”

The bill now moves to third reading and final passage, before moving to the House for debate.


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