Roberts prepares for 2nd term

DENVER – For Republican Sen. Ellen Roberts, there really is no such thing as a break from the state Legislature.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that she’s running unopposed this election cycle, as Roberts has been flying back and forth from Durango to Denver regularly this summer.

Her work has been on two separate committees, one addressing water issues facing the state, and another focused on wildfire matters.

In the last two weeks, Roberts recommended legislation that would:

Assist volunteer fire departments with organizing.

Empower state employees to conduct safe prescribed burns without fear of liability.

Assist farmers with property taxes if land is destroyed by a natural disaster.

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commented 2014-10-13 01:55:50 -0600 · Flag
The level in which people will got to propagate these blatant falsehoods is eye-opening.

All that aside, Julie Williams should have known better. She’s a member of the District Board of Education. She should know what the AP programs are, and the Common Core by heart. Honestly, what else does she have to do? Instead she is one of those people that loves a scandal, and wants to be part of it..well she got her wish. National attention — and she still hasn’t bothered to read the AP manuel. I hope they do have this committee now, and someone takes a picture of her face when they read the first page of instructions.

But, now the are going to have other worries, very soon.

State Constitutions are not meant to be ignored whenever you want to ignore them.
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