Rivera Bill Concerning Recording of Legal Documents Passes Senate

Senator George Rivera (R-Pueblo) had his first bill as a member of the Colorado State Senate pass the Senate today. HB14-1073 passed on a 33-1 vote with bipartisan support. 

“It’s an honor to have my first bill pass the Senate with such wide bipartisan support,” said Senator Rivera. “This legislation will help localities manage their records better and makes the process less expensive for taxpayers.” 

HB14-1073 - sponsored by Representative Dan Pabon (D-Denver) and Senator Rivera – makes changes to provisions involving deeds and other legal documents. 

Examples Include: 

1. Reduces the $25 fee for registration of issuance of a bond by a school district to $5. 
2. In relation to CORA, it removes a marriage or civil union license as a document that may only be inspected by a person of interest.
3. Adds to existing requirements that documents be legible when filed with the clerk. 

To read the full version of HB14-1073 click here

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