Retain, Train, and Attain: Lambert’s Senate Bill 160 Passes the Senate

DENVER – Charter schools may feel some relief this morning as Senate Bill 160 clears the Senate floor on a 33 to 2 vote, garnering support from both sides of the aisle. Senator Kent Lambert’s (R-Colorado Springs) Senate Bill 160 clarifies the ability for charter schools to operate teacher development, licensure, and induction programs.

“Colorado needs to address teacher shortages wherever they occur,” said Senator Lambert. “This bill clarifies that all charter schools can use the same options that other schools use to train and license teachers, which allows every child to get the quality education they deserve. There are already 40 charter schools in the state that operate these programs, and now we’ll assure that all the others can do the same.”

Senate Bill 160 will now move the House of Representatives for consideration.

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