Republican Senators Condemn "Absurd" Federal Bathroom Edict

Denver -- Colorado Senate Assistant Majority Leader Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud) today said Colorado should simply ignore today’s "Letter of Guidance" to all schools and colleges from the US Department of Education saying that schools must give transgender students equal access to the restroom of their choice.

"This is absurd," said Senator Lundberg. "The US Department of Education must not have much to do if they are now spending time on public school bathroom policies in Denver, Danville and Duluth. Plain and simple, this is none of their business and totally beyond Congressional intent in the enactment of Title IX. Therefore, it is a policy Colorado should ignore."

"This is sheer insanity," added Senator Kevin Grantham (R-Canon City). "Does the President honestly think he can use executive authority to substitute his opinion over those of local school districts and moms and dads?"

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commented 2016-05-24 08:30:37 -0600 · Flag
Republicans want to put trans men in the bathroom with our daughters… you see trans men can be big an hairy and have beards and even man parts… and republicans said they have to go pee with my daughter….A trans woman is a woman and can have lady party and everything… cons want to ban her and send her into the mens room…. I feel uncomfortable with republicans in the bathroom, should I be able to ban them…. stop the republican hate, keep your cross burning to yourselves…. just go pee on a tree if you can’t handle the human condition…. con f ing bigots…. traitors every one of ya.
commented 2016-05-22 18:22:22 -0600 · Flag
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