Republican Leaders Continue Push for School Safety

Denver -- With term limits soon bringing their lawmaking days to a close, Senate President Bill L. Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) and Majority Leader Mark Scheffel (R-Parker) are intensifying their push for improved school safety in Colorado with a bill designed to close the communications gaps that can prevent the early detection and prevention of school violence.

House Bill 1063, a measure heard by the Health and Human Services Committee Wednesday, aims at addressing the discrepancies that were cited as a barrier to violence prevention in a recent report commissioned by the School Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee.

"Far too often we have watched the horrors of school shootings, and what we've seen in studying these events is a breakdown in communication between mental health professionals and school officials," Scheffel said. "These breakdowns can prevent the timely detection of tragedy in the making, and this legislation is a step toward eliminating these communication barriers."

Early intervention is less likely as long as these barriers exist, added Cadman. "What we’re trying to do with this measure is build a bridge to the communications necessary for that intervention."

Ultimately, this bill is about "getting information to people who care," remarked Scheffel.

HB-1063 passed with unanimous approval and now heads to the Senate floor for action.

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