Proposal Supporting Colorado Renters Gets Committee Cosign

DENVER — Today, the Senate Committee on Local Government approved on a unanimous vote Senator Kevin Priola's (R-Brighton) bill strengthening renters rights in Colorado. 

Under current law, a residential lease for under six months may be terminated, or rent may be raised with seven days notice. Senate Bill 17-245 extends that period to 21 days.



"It's no secret that Colorado is experiencing a housing crisis," said Priola. "While creating more attainable housing is part of the solution, there are a number of small but meaningful steps we can take to help alleviate the burden. Our current system makes it too easy for either party in a rental agreement to back out at a moment's notice. Increasing the notice period creates an environment that encourages a bit more permanence, it says Colorado isn't just a stop on the way to something else. It's your home."

SB 245 now moves on the a vote of the Committee of the Whole. 


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