Holbert Defends Coloradans' Internet Privacy

Denver—Today, the Senate Finance Committee approved on a 3-2 vote, Senator Chris Holbert's (R-DouglasCounty) bill protecting Colorado consumer's online privacy.

Senate Bill 17-238 repeals a notification requirement placed upon online retailers who do not collect Colorado sales tax, mandating they monitor and report information about those purchases to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Under current law, out-of-state online retailers who do not collect Colorado sales tax must must provide a comprehensive report to the Department, detailing who made the purchases, from whom, and for how much.  

SB 238 repeals this requirement, which was enacted by House Bill 10-1193 and will take effect in July for purchases made in 2017 for which Colorado sales tax was not collected. 

Currently, Coloradans are required to self-report use tax for purchases, like cars, made out-of-state for which Colorado sales tax was not collected. 

"The state will now know from whom you buy online, and how much you paid, they could even surmise exactly what you bought," said Holbert. "If you go to a store in Colorado and buy an item, the store reports the gross amount of the sale to the state and pays the sales tax, and your privacy is maintained."

"Under this misguided law, making the same purchase online from an out-of-state retailer will now result in Colorado government bureaucrats having access to information about the consumer and the purchase. As more and more of our transactions are made online, it is our duty to ensure that we are trusting Coloradans to be responsible and that we continue to place high premiums on respecting the privacy of our law-abiding citizens. As a Colorado resident, do you want the state to monitor what you're buying, and from whom?"

SB 238 now continues on to a vote of the Committee on Appropriations.

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