Priola Bill Will Expand Opportunities for Skilled Tradespersons

DENVER —  In an effort to create jobs and expand opportunity, by removing unreasonable barriers to entry for those who want to install fire-suppression systems, Colorado’s Senate today passed a bill authored by Senator Kevin Priola (R-Brighton) that brings sprinkler tech apprenticeship standards into alignment with those required for journeyman plumbers, from the current 8,000 hours to 6,800 hours.

The measure, Senate Bill-130, is part of a broad Republican effort to reduce excessive regulations that make life hard for Colorado businesses and serve as barriers to entry for those seeking to get a start in a skilled trade or licensed occupation. 

“We all support adequate training for sprinkler technicians, but Colorado’s requirements are so inordinately high, relative to neighboring states, that it almost seems as though they are designed with an eye toward discouraging and excluding Coloradans from getting a foothold in this field,” said Priola. “We believe bringing those requirements into alignment with the still-vigorous standards that journeyman plumbers must meet, are sufficient to ensure quality workmanship but not so onerous that they deter individuals from pursuing this career path.” 

SB-130 passed the Republican-controlled Senate on Monday and now moves to the House for consideration.


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