President Grantham's Update on Secretary of the Senate

DENVER - Senate President Kevin J. Grantham issued the following statement regarding the situation surrounding the Secretary of the Senate:

“I am glad to announce that a resolution has been reached in the situation regarding the Secretary of the Senate. Effective today, December 7, Effie Ameen has resigned her post as Secretary of the Colorado State Senate, and an appropriate separation package was arranged in acknowledgment and appreciation for her 17 years spent working hard for the citizens of Colorado.

Unfortunately, the decision to terminate Secretary Ameen and hire a new secretary was without legal ground, as laid out by the Office of Legislative Legal Services in their November 23 opinion. Further, it gave the confusing and false impression that there were two Senate Secretaries.

With this illegal termination followed by anonymous attacks on the secretary via the press, the growing potential for litigation and subsequent senseless loss of taxpayer funds necessitated a speedy resolution. With that resolution now achieved I would humbly encourage the attacks to cease and that we continue to move forward in this peaceful transition of control.

To that end, with Secretary Ameen’s resignation, I would be more than happy to, upon request, facilitate the transition in allowing the incoming Secretary to be paid appropriately via the nonpartisan budget as early as Monday, December 10th as opposed to whatever means by which she has been paid since November 26.

With this resolution, I thank Effie Ameen for the 17 years she has given to the State of Colorado. Her presence will be missed dearly under the Golden Dome, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Additionally, we welcome Cindi Markwell as the incoming and returning Secretary of the Senate. As I stated in my final speech on the floor of the Senate in May, she has been missed, and we all welcome her back to Team Colorado.”

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