President Grantham's Response to Senator Kagan's Workplace Harassment Complaint

Senate President Kevin J. Grantham issued the following statement today in response to Senator Beth Martinez Humenik's decision to release results of a workplace harassment complaint she filed against Senator Daniel Kagan last session. The investigation found evidence that Kagan had on numerous times visited the women's restroom at the Capitol, despite having been confronted by the Senator about the issue. The report also indicates that Senate Democrat caucus leadership wa made aware of this behavior on more than one occasion and did not take the allegations seriously.

"Senator Martinez Humenik showed a lot of character and courage by stepping up to file this complaint, given how much controversy this issue has generated in the past year. She felt compelled to do it on behalf of a group of other women who had also had encounters with Senator Kagan in the ladies room, which just isn't acceptable behavior if we're serious about creating a safe workplace in the Capitol. The investigative report confirms the credibility of her complaint, which Senator Kagan and other Democrats tried to deny, and it shows that it was not an isolated incident. The Senator's request for a public apology from Kagan seems more than reasonable, given that he and other Democrat caucus members have tried to deny, discount or discredit her claims. Senator Martinez Humenik isnt asking for him to lose committee assignments. She hasn't asked for his resignation or expulsion. All she's asking for is a public apology and for him to change his behavior. Kagan's refusal to take any responsibility gave Beth no choice but to make these facts public in the interest of transparency and accountability. It would help bring genuine resolution to this matter if Kagan would simply apologize and pledge not to do this again."



Note: The image above is a screenshot of an email from Senator Daniel Kagan on September 10, 2018, declining to apologize or commit to not using the women's restroom again.

Click here to view the original investigative report.

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