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commented 2018-10-09 21:46:04 -0600 · Flag
Total insanity. TOTAL.. Magazines with 2 rounds, or 100. Is there really a difference? All this GUN insanity is a total waste of time. We need HARSH PUNISHMENT for CRIMINAL USE of firearms. One hundred new dumb gun laws solve nothing at all. Criminals could care less about laws. Wake up people. This is the way the left wants to take away your rights… bite by bite.. just like Hitler and the Russians did..
commented 2018-05-06 15:08:29 -0600 · Flag
Please stop falling for the lies of the media telling you that when citizens are less able to obtain firearms and firearm accessories that we will be safer! Stop HB18-1436 and other bills like it infringing on citizens’ rights because bad people do bad things.
commented 2018-03-24 12:13:00 -0600 · Flag
Why would you pass a law for illegals to get their drivers licence? They are breaking the law. Whose social security number do they use? I don’t understand why they are being protected. If I broke the law here or in another country I would be arrested. Do your job right and protect the American citizen.
commented 2018-03-06 23:30:41 -0700 · Flag
Jillian Likness for House District 18. I love you and Everything you Stand for Ms. Jillian
commented 2018-01-29 09:41:06 -0700 · Flag
We say, Bring 2 death row the Guillotine the ‘free’ tool of death, i mean, NO DRUG cost like Lethal Injection for example…NO Electric cost or GAS cost. The message will echo with the PUBLIC
commented 2017-07-21 19:00:13 -0600 · Flag
Mr. Scott,
I saw your message about cyclists having to pay a tax to ride on our roads, and they should.
They want bike only lanes and ask for the same protection as a car.
I remember having to buy a license plate for my bike, why can’t that be established again?
If they want the privilege to ride on the streets, then buy a plate like everyone else has to.
They can spend a lot of money on a bike (My son is a cyclist) but contribute nothing to our roads.
Please mention that if you can.
Thank you,
Beckie E.
Pueblo, Co.
commented 2017-02-15 13:54:17 -0700 · Flag
Continue to ignore your constituents
Continue to be ineffectual in the State Legislature
Continue to hurt your caucus’ chances at reelection
commented 2017-02-11 14:44:06 -0700 · Flag
Donald Trump on the right path on keeping us safe, keep up the good fight against the slow encroachment of socialism (communism).
Enforce our laws with renewed vigor and zeal including the deportation of individuals who are here unlawfully. We cannot have laws that are not enforced or else they are no longer laws but mere suggestions.
Expand charter schools or give back power to individual teachers rather than the unions which have hi jacked our childrens future, as well as pushing back against any attempt to federalize education.
I am all for energy independence but we must ensure that companies who “fail” to maintain the safety of citizens and the earth must be made examples of with fines / punishments (prison?) that far outweigh the potential gain from taking shortcuts.
Inform the citizenry on both sides of the vaccine debate and let them decide for themselves. Somehow humanity survived along time without vaccines and the negative effects in recent scientific literature including some Ivy League colleges is quite surprising.
Thank you Leader Neville for standing up in the defense of those with no voice (Unborn). Inform the citizenry in as blunt terms as possible what exactly an abortion is. If possible show a video from a private practice in which an ultra sound is used to assist the “doctor” kill a child. Word play is the strength of the opposition, but no one can deny a video of a fetus trying to fight for its life, that alone will show the masses that unborn children (fetuses) already posses the spark of the divine even at 3 weeks. In fact their is some scientific literature arguing to the fact that by 14 days the unborn child already possess divinity (consciousness). Thank you again Rep. Neville. God be with you and your family.
Continue to support President Trumps Temporary Ban from Hostile Nations, alot of the “over educated / indoctrinated” apparently have forgotten that we are at war, but I promise you many more realize we are. The Silent Majority is with You.
We must continue to oppose Fundamental Islam and point out the people the various connections that many Islamic Non Governmental Organizations have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Frank Gaffney “Reagan Security Advisor” has assembled quite the robust and well developed videos of this information at (center for security.org)
I would also find it amazing if somehow the Colorado Republicans could develop a show on par with C-Span concerning our state that could run on basic television subscriptions and be broadcast to our education facilities of all ages as well, even attempting to get children involved in the show with call ins. Distinguished Representatives thank you for your service, keep up the good fight. Whenever you need motivation simply youtube some Reagan videos of a soldiers pledge and why we must fight. I quite enjoy his Barry Goldwater speech as well

Xavier J. Rodriguez (Combat Veteran – Iraq & Afghanistan) Airborne and God Bless America
followed this page 2017-01-09 17:22:41 -0700
commented 2017-01-09 09:02:52 -0700 · Flag
Don’t help Donald Trump take away health coverage from thousands of Coloradans.
Don’t help Donald Trump demonize immigrants and people of color.
Don’t try to take away abortion rights (again).
Don’t hold public schools hostage to further a political agenda.
Don’t make it easier to send unvaccinated kids to Colorado schools.
Do something about TABOR’s fiscal chokehold on the state.
Do something about neighborhoods and schools threatened by oil and gas drilling.
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