On The Spot: Cadman says fetal homicide bill will protect abortion

Senate President Bill Cadman is preparing to introduce legislation to toughen criminal laws surrounding the death of an unborn child in reaction to the recent attack on a pregnant Longmont woman.

The Colorado Springs Republican said it is necessary because the state's current fetal homicide law doesn't go far enough.

"It gets back to justice," he said Thursday during "On the Spot," the weekly Denver Post TV political show. "There are two victims both victims under the law deserve justice. In this case ... justice is denied to one of the victims and that is not acceptable."

Watch the interview with DPTV here

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commented 2015-04-16 05:38:36 -0600 · Flag
this bill is not enough why is it a crime to kill the baby by an outsider and not by the mother or an abortionist ,doesnt this bill say the that the baby is a person/but only in certain cases.this makes no sense at all .come on senate
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