One month in, Colorado GOP making good on rollback promises

A month into the legislative session, Republican lawmakers are sending a message with a concerted push to repeal contentious measures approved by Democrats in prior years.

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Marble Bill to Ban EBT Use at Pot Shops, Strip Clubs Passes Senate

DENVER, Colo. - A bill sponsored by Senator Vicki Marble (R-Fort Collins) to ban the use of EBT cards at ATM's located in stores that sell marijuana and at adult-oriented entertainment establishments passed the Senate on second reading today. 

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Lundberg Champions for School Choice

DENVER, Colo. - Senator Kevin Lundberg's (R-Berthoud) bill to encourage school choice - SB 15-045 – passed out of the Senate Education committee today on a party line vote.

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GOP response to Democrat theatrics

Today Senator Kevin Grantham (R-Canon City) issued the following response to the Democrats' theatrics on the floor this morning regarding Senate Bill 15-159. 

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Martinez Humenik Bill to Expand Colorado Cottage Foods Act Passes Senate

DENVER, Colo. - A bill sponsored by Senator Beth Martinez Humenik (R-Thornton) to expand the Colorado Cottage Foods Act passed out of the Senate today on a bipartisan 34-0 vote. It is among the first bills to be passed out of the Senate this year and is the second bill sponsored by Senator Martinez Humenik to pass out of the Senate since she was sworn in as a Senator in January.

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Political rivals put aside differences in support of Fort Carson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Threatened cuts at Fort Carson brought political differences crashing down Tuesday night as rival politicians joined forces to plead with the Pentagon to spare the post. 

Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, stood with Senate President Bill Cadman, a Colorado Springs Republican, at the four-hour Colorado Springs meeting on the proposed cut of 16,000 soldiers at the 24,500-soldier post. 

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Bill Repealing Background Checks on Firearm Transfers Between Private Individuals Passes Senate Committee

DENVER, Colo. - A bill to repeal the requirement for background checks on firearm transfers between private individuals and the fees levied to carry out the background checks passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today on a 3-2 vote. 

SB15-086 – sponsored by Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) – is a repeal of legislation enacted by the Democratic legislature and Governor Hickenlooper in the controversial 2013 legislative session. 

The legislation has long been opposed by Colorado's Senate Republicans along with a variety of other groups and individuals, including the Colorado Sheriffs Association. 

"The legislation passed by Democrats in 2013 criminalizes law abiding citizens for taking prudent steps to protect their firearms and families," Senator Lambert said. "I'm proud we took common sense action today to repeal measures that significantly infringe on Coloradans Second Amendment rights. Coloradans have been clear for years that they hold the Second Amendment near and dear to their hearts and I hope this legislation continues to get a fair hearing throughout the legislative process." 

"Since the Democrats’ unconstitutional restrictions on Second Amendment rights passed in 2013, two Democratic Senators have been recalled and Republicans gained the majority in the Senate," said Senate President Bill Cadman. "On the opening day of this year’s legislative session, I promised Coloradans that their new Republican Senate Majority would hold government accountable for irresponsible policies and today’s vote is another step towards that goal." 

SB15-086 will now head to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration. 

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Scott Bill to Protect Middle Class, Rural Colorado Passes Senate

DENVER, Colo. - Senator Ray Scott's (R-Grand Junction) bill to protect Colorado's middle class and rural Colorado by reducing energy rate increases caused by Colorado's renewable energy standard passed the Senate today on second reading. 

"High energy bills hurt middle class Coloradans and the partisan energy rate increases passed by Democrats in 2013 continue to hurt middle class families and families across rural Colorado," said Senator Scott. "Senate Bill 44 is a common sense approach to reduce the burden placed on Colorado families by Democrats' partisan energy rate increases. Republicans remain committed to serving Colorado's entire middle class and working families with actions, not simply words, and today is a positive step towards undoing the damage caused by Democrats in years past." 

SB15-44 reduces the minimum percentage of renewable energy required of investor-owned utilities from 20% to 15% for the years 2015 through 2019 and from 30% to 15% for the years 2020 and thereafter. 

SB15-44 will be voted on one final time in the Senate before being sent to the House. 

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Senate GOP Honors Service Members on Military Appreciation Day

DENVER, Colo. - Colorado's Senate Republicans honored Colorado’s strong tradition of military service along with both active and retired service members today at the Capitol for Military Appreciation Day.

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Senate Majority Holds Colorado's ObamaCare Exchange Accountable

DENVER, Colo. - Colorado's new Republican senate majority passed two bills out of the Senate today to increase scrutiny of executive bonuses at Colorado's ObamaCare exchange and require a performance audit of the struggling organization. 

"On opening day of the 70th General Assembly, I committed to the people of Colorado that we would take responsibility for the endless trail of failing government programs with questionable results and poor accountability," said Senate President Bill Cadman. "If we are complacent to keep broken bureaucracies, then we are complicit in their failures.” 

SB15-019 sponsored by Senator Sonnenberg (R-Sterling) passed out of the Senate on a unanimous 35-0 vote and will now be sent to the House. The bill would grant the state auditor the authority to conduct a performance review of Colorado's ObamaCare exchange, Connect for Health Colorado. A similar effort was blocked by Senate Democrats last year despite broad bipartisan support and a recent limited audit performed by the state found glaring examples of mismanagement

SB15-052 sponsored by Sen. Larry Crowder (R-Alamosa) passed out of the Senate on a bipartisan 24-11 vote. The bill would require any bonus for executives at Connect for Health Colorado to be approved by the Legislative Health Benefit Exchange Implementation Review Committee. 

Colorado's ObamaCare exchange has received bipartisan criticism for its mismanagement and poor business practices. In fact, an investigative report conducted by 9 News recently revealed that more and more Coloradans are being left uninsured due to a glitch on the exchange's website. 

The organization was also recently the subject of a 'scathing' limited audit performed by the Colorado Office of the State Auditor and has been widely criticized for its spending practices

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