Senators Blast Power Plant Closure Proposal

Denver — Two Republican state senators, including the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, today blasted a proposal from Xcel Energy, announced Tuesday, that would prematurely shutter two of the state's most reliable energy producers, while pouring even more tax money into unreliable energy sources that may not meet the state's long-term needs for affordable and dependable base load power.

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Senate Republicans React to New Executive Order

Denver – Colorado Senate Republicans today expressed disappointment and dismay at Gov. John Hickenlooper’s surprise decision to circumvent state law and the democratic process by issuing a unilateral executive order significantly increasing the state’s existing emissions reduction goals.

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Grantham Issues Statement Celebrating Independence Day

Denver — Today, President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) issued a statement in honor of Independence Day:

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Senate Leaders Explain Opposition to Energy Office Funding Request

Denver— Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Cañon City) and Assistant Majority Leader Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction) today released the following statements in response to the Joint Budget Committee's rejection, on a vote of 3-3, of the governor's supplemental funding request for the Colorado Energy Office. 


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Grantham Lauds Ruling That May Help with Attainable Housing

Denver — Monday’s ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court on an esoteric but important element of construction defect law won praise from Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City), who, along with the rest of the Republican Caucus, has for years been fighting to clear away the legal barriers that discourage the building of affordable multi-unit housing across Colorado.

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Grantham Remembers our Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

Denver—Today, President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City)  issued the following statement commemorating Memorial Day:

"Sacrifice lays the framework on which our country is built. This Memorial Day, I encourage all Coloradans to remember the incredible sacrifices that formed our nation, our state, and our communities. Our brave men and women in uniform place country above all. Far too many make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of our families, the security of our homes, and the perseverance of our shared vision for our future. While we enjoy our moments with loved ones this weekend, join me in expressing our undying gratitude for those service men and women who give their all for our freedom."

The Senate Republican caucus wishes everyone a safe and respectful Memorial Day.

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Grantham Applauds Signing of Budget Bill

Denver—Today, President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) joined Majority Leader Chris Holbert (R-Douglas County), Chairman of the Joint Budget Committee Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs), and Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud) for the signing of Senate Bill 17-254, the Long Bill.

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Grantham Announces Major Staff Change

Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) issued the following statement today concerning the departure of former Chief of Staff Jesse Mallory:

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Reform Comes to Behavioral Crisis Systems

 DENVER—Today, Senator John Cooke’s (R-Greeley) bill to strengthen and increase support for the Colorado behavioral health crisis system  was signed into law by the governor. 


Senate Bill 17-207 will finally end the practice of holding individuals having mental health crises in jails. 

In 2016, a similar bill aimed to limit the use of 72-hour mental health holds passed both chambers with broad bipartisan support, but was vetoed by the governor.


SB 207 reforms and improves our current crisis system by strengthening the standards, resources, and preparedness of walk-in centers. It also recognizes the obligation of Colorado health facilities to stabilize any person experiencing a mental health crisis, and expands capabilities of mobile response units. 


Current state law allows health facilities that have reached bed capacity to turn away individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Procedure requires local law enforcement to then detain those individuals for the duration of their mental health crisis.

SB 207 ensures that we will no longer carry out the psychologically damaging process of holding individuals with mental health issues in jails.

With more health crisis centers and resources available, patients will be able to get the care they need in proper facilities, without placing an undue burden upon law enforcement who often lack the resources to adequately accommodate these mental health concerns. 


This bill is a huge step toward removing the stigma associated with mental health crises,” said Cooke. “We want people to know that a crisis is not a crime, and that they can get the help they need in times of emergency. Reliving pressure on law enforcement and guaranteeing every Coloradan that we will not turn our backs on them in their darkest moments when they need our help the most will help ensure that all of our communities our stronger and safer.


The bill takes effect on August 9, 2017.

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Small Business Employees Get Helping Hand from Tate


Denver—Today, the governor signed Senator Jack Tate's (R-Centennial) bill creating a pathway to lasting wealth for struggling Coloradans. 

House Bill 17-1214 provides a unique, commonsense path to small business ownership and longterm prosperity by promoting increased employee participation and ownership. 

While many small businesses are forced to close their doors for various circumstances, employee owned businesses are 25 percent more likely to stay in business, with their employees accruing roughly double the retirement savings of their peers. 

Employee owned businesses tend to see greater job growth, faster overall growth, and lower rates of lay-offs and severance. 

"Struggling and low-income communities may find that this approach solves many of their unique challenges like accessing capital, small business ownership transitions, and overcoming barriers to job entry," said Tate. "By providing a mechanism for more Coloradans, regardless of background, to take ownership of their future, we can help more folks access a pathway to a more prosperous economic future." 

The bill takes effect September 1, 2017.

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