Neville Bill Will Put Sanctuary City Ban on the Ballot

DENVER – A bill introduced today by State Senator Tim Neville (R-Littleton) will place a prohibition against "sanctuary city" policies on the Nov. 6 ballot as a referendum. The measure was designated Senate Bill-220.

“By deliberately obstructing federal immigration law enforcement, sanctuary policies endanger public safety by allowing convicted criminal aliens released from local jails to avoid being taken into custody by federal authorities for an immigration court hearing and possible deportation,” Neville said in introducing the bill. “Sanctuary cities are restricting the communication and cooperation between local law enforcement and federal law enforcement agencies, and that must stop.”

The scope of Neville’s bill is quite narrow; it only prohibits interference in federal immigration law enforcement through ordinances or official policies that restrict communication and cooperation with federal immigration agencies. It does not impose penalties beyond those imposed by the federal government on jurisdictions that violate the law.

“Coloradans expect and deserve to live in communities where the rule of law is enforced and the safety and security of its residents take precedence over partisan political attempts to undermine and weaken them for political gain,” Neville added. “SB-220 ensures that we deliver on that promise to our constituents.”


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