Martinez Humenik Seeks "Glitch"-Free Tech Upgrade at DMV

DENVER — Trips to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) could become a lot less dread-inducing in the future, after a bill authored by Senator Beth Martinez Humenik (R-Adams County) and Representative ​Dan ​Thurlow (R-Mesa County) cleared a major hurdle at the Statehouse Wednesday.

It is now on its way  ​to the Governor ​'s desk

HB-1107, which passed with unanimous bipartisan approval on third reading, aims to promote a smooth change as the DMV undertakes a major technology upgrade both this year and in early 2018. The new technology system will help avoid service disrupting glitches, allow for less wait times and streamline DMV services.   

"This major technology upgrade, if executed smoothly, will potentially alleviate a lot of the customer service complaints we hear from people doing business with the DMV," said Senator Martinez Humenik. "I've had the opportunity to see what the system has the potential to do. By taking this proactive approach of identifying and fixing the problems experienced with the CSTARS system, the likelihood of DMV service issues or disruptions during the transition, will be greatly reduced. One of the goals with the new DRIVES system is for the customer experience to be the best it can be and with efficiency."  

HB-1107 now awaits the Governor's signature.


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