Martinez Humenik Leads on Health Care Reform

Thornton, CO - Senator Beth Martinez Humenik (R – District 24) had two major policy initiatives signed into law by the Governor last week, both are common sense reforms that will cut costs while helping Coloradoans live better, healthier lives.

Senate Bill 27, which Governor Hickenlooper signed into law June 1, allows Medicaid recipients to receive their medications through the mail, which will cut costs and increase predictability for patients, according to Martinez Humenik.

"This bill allows rural community members, chronic care and disabled Medicaid patients to receive their prescription drugs by mail, just like residents with private insurance can currently opt to do," said Martinez Humenik. "Having this option available for individual continuum of care will help keep patients healthier."

Martinez Humenik is the Senate sponsor of House Bill 1438, which Governor Hickenlooper also signed Wednesday. The bill ensures that employers provide accommodations for employees who become pregnant, reducing the chances that a pregnancy will impact their job status or the health of their baby.

"Today, most women have to work to help provide for their families," Martinez Humenik said, "and no working Moms-to-be should fear losing a job due to this temporary condition."

While it doesn't impose specific mandates, the bill does require employers to be more proactive about assisting pregnant workers, according to Martinez Humenik. "HB-1438 helps working Mom's remain at their jobs with reasonable employer accommodations, which will encourage healthy pregnancies," said the Senator.

HB-1438 will help strengthen the economy by allowing women to remain in the workforce during pregnancy. SB-27 helps stretch tax dollars further, not by cutting Medicaid treatment or coverage but by expanding cost-saving measures that promote better long-term patient health.

Media Contact: Sean Paige 1-719-337-0355

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