Martinez Humenik Disappointed by the Defeat of SB-278

DENVER - Senator Beth Martinez Humenik (R-Thornton) made the following comments this evening after the defeat of Senate Bill 278, which would have toughened criminal penalties on those who assault peace officers, firefighters or EMS/EMTs.

"With one Senator attacking my legislation for ‘pandering to the desire to protect peace officers,' I find it difficult to understand how we, as legislators, are unwilling to protect the women and men who are willing to help and protect us,” said Martinez Humenik. "Our police officers, EMS/EMT’s, firefighters, and peace officers are under attack. With the frequency of these assaults becoming more and more common in our neighborhoods, if we don’t act to protect them, we are failing them. I am disappointed that Senate Bill 278 failed. The Senate did not step up to answer the call to improve the safety of our peace officers who are willing to put their lives on the line everyday as they protect and serve the people who depend on them in our communities.”


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