Lundberg’s Vote Trading Ban Passes Committee

DENVER – Yesterday afternoon, Senate Bill-76 cleared the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee in a unanimous vote. The bill, authored by Senator Kevin Lundberg (R- Berthoud), bans the recent phenomenon of “vote trading,” where an individual can “trade” his or her vote with that of another individual, usually in another state, to influence certain elections.
Additionally, the committee decided to add SB-76 to the Senate consent calendar.
One example of “vote trading” occurred during the recent Presidential election. Individuals who lived in “safe states” offered to trade their vote for President for the vote of another individual living in a “swing state.”
“The concept of vote trading has been around for decades,” said Senator Lundberg. “Unfortunately, it undermines both our electoral college system and our belief in local control. A vote should not be able to be purchased, bartered, or traded under any circumstance, and this situation is no different.”
The bill will now head to the Senate floor for consideration.

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commented 2018-03-16 17:27:32 -0600 · Flag
Vote trading no more undermines local control than do national primaries. In 2016, Colorado Republicans overwhelmingly picked Ted Cruz in the caucuses, yet were prevented from voting for him in the general election, because primary/caucus voters in other states didn’t pick Cruz. If that huge cross-state influence is fine, why not a two-voter pact?
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