Lundberg’s School Choice Tax Credits Bill Passes Senate

DENVER – In an effort to expand educational choices for Colorado’s students, Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud) has introduced Senate Bill 83, which provides a state income tax credit for parents who choose to enroll their students in private school or homeschooling.

“Parents who send their kids to a private school are paying twice for their child’s education as of today,” said Senator Lundberg. “They pay for their child’s public education through their taxes, and then they pay them again out of pocket. The least we can do is provide a tax credit so that we can put the option of private schooling or homeschooling within reach of more Colorado families.”

The bill, which has received strong Democrat opposition, passed the Senate on an 18 to 17, party-line vote this morning.

“I am excited to see this legislation pass, but I’m disappointed to see that Democrats have chosen to favor unions and the antiquated one-size-fits-all education mentality over student success once again. If we’re going to open up options to as many Colorado families as possible, we need to look past the political parties and think of our students,” continued Senator Lundberg.

Senate Bill 83 now moves onto the House for consideration.

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