Lundberg Cleans Up Colorado Primary Elections



DENVER—Today, the Senate passed Senator Kevin Lundberg's (R-Berthoud) bill cleaning up Colorado primary elections practices to enact the provisions outlined by Ballot Propositions 107 and 108, passed in 2016's November election.

Propositions 107 and 108 allow unaffiliated voters to participate in Colorado primary elections. Senate Bill 17-305 requires the voter registration form to add a question determining which primary ballot the voter would like to receive, if no preference is indicated the voter will receive ballots of all major parties. 

The bill also changes the registration deadline for Presidential candidates wishing to appear on the Colorado primary ballot to 85 days prior to the election, sets provisions and procedures to safeguard against voter fraud and duplicate ballots in primary elections, and gives local governments avenues to seek reimbursement for additional expenditures.

A third reading was amendment was added on the Senate floor to stipulate that an unaffiliated voter must request their partisan ballot of their choice every election, instead of being placed on a list to continuously receive the ballot.


"Colorado voters passed Propositions 107 and 108, this is now the law of the land and it is our duty as public servants to identify the best practices of how to implement the will of the voters through common sense legislation that safeguards the vote of every Coloradan," said Lundberg. 

"Our right to a free, fair and secure vote is among the core tenants of our system of government, though we must remember that while every vote counts, it is only when they are counted properly. This bill takes crucial steps to ensure that we uphold the will of 'we the people,' while guaranteeing the security of our elections."

SB 305 now moves to the House for consideration.

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