LETTER: What kind of a state is Colorado?

What kind of a state is Colorado?

Kudos to Republican State Sen. Bill Cadman for pursuing fetal homicide legislation. I ask the entire Colorado Springs delegation at the State Capitol-Republican and Democrat-to join him.

The violent criminal who killed Longmont mother Michelle Wilkin's 7-month-old unborn daughter should have been charged with homicide and everyone knows it. There is absolutely no excuse for the injustice of Colorado law. This chilling offense against Wilkins was a slap in the face to all Colorado mothers. The callous message to mothers: you are worth nothing to the state of Colorado. Your loved children in your wombs are worth nothing to us. Make no mistake about it - our lack of a fetal homicide law rests with the Democrats.

Stand up for women's rights, for mothers' rights. Get a fetal homicide bill during this legislative session to Gov. John Hickenlooper. If he doesn't sign it, he tells Wilkins and all mothers that we don't matter to our state government. And let us all ask ourselves, what kind of state are we living in?

--Caia Hoskins, Colorado Springs

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