Legislators Seem Unbending in Opposition to Yoga Regs

DENVER, Colo. – A politically-divided Colorado legislature at least seems to agree on one thing as we mark the session’s mid-point – which is that the state has no business regulating yoga instructors.

SB-186, a bipartisan bill exempting yoga instructors from regulatory burdens imposed by the Private Occupational Education Act of 1981, seems on the fast track to the governor’s desk, having easily cleared a committee vote last week and after passing without objection today on second reading.

Sen. Laura Woods (R-Arvada), who authored the bill and built bipartisan backing, believes the issue struck such a nerve because it highlights how overregulated Coloradans are. “If the state can regulate yoga instruction, what can’t it regulate?” Woods said after the latest vote. “This bill is getting traction because it speaks to the frustration so many Coloradans feel with the level of red rape and regulatory hassles they confront on a daily basis.”

Woods sees the fight against yoga regulations as a first step toward the broader regulatory rollback Colorado needs if it’s going to remain a great place to live and do business. “It all starts with elected officials refusing to rubber-stamp the deluge of costly and unnecessary new rules that get imposed on Coloradans every year.”

SB-186 next must pass on third by the senate, before it moves to the House for committee action.


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