Lambert Responds to Daunting but Doable Budget Forecast

Denver -- Joint Budget Committee Chairman Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) issued the following statement today in response to the state's March 17 economic and revenue forecast: 

"As in recent years, the budget gaps facing the state are daunting but not impossible to bridge if we are willing to make some tough calls on priorities in bipartisan fashion. The good news is that we see evidence that Colorado’s economy is improving, which should eventually improve the revenue picture.   

We just need to keep our spending appetites in check, and our priorities properly ordered, in the meantime. In Colorado, unlike many other states, we are required by law to deliver a balanced budget on schedule, so we have no choice but to make this work. Unlike Congress, our state Constitution requires a balanced budget and we will deliver just that.

The budget pressures we’re feeling are a direct reflection of policy choices the governor and lawmakers made over the past decade. Until we make better policy decisions, we’ll continue to struggle to match revenues with expenditures." 

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