Lambert Makes His Support for the Budget Bill Contingent on the Appropriations Process

Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs): “I want to sponsor it this year. My biggest concern is we have a lot of appropriations bills that are hanging out in both appropriations committees. So, unless we do the due diligence in Appropriations to nick some of those down to fit within the budget targets, then we will not be in balance. So in the future, I hope we get assurances that will actually be the case because if this were, at the end of the day not in balance, I would have to withdraw my sponsorship.”


Rep. Crisanta Duran (D-Denver): Alright. Representative Gerou?

Representative Cheri Gerou (R-Evergreen): Thank you Madam Chair. So Senator Lambert, just so, and thank you for staying on the bill, I really do appreciate that, I get lonely. When you’re looking for your clarification of the bills that are out there hanging out there are actually beyond balancing, are you thinking that you, is there a time frame or are you just asking that they be eliminated? I just want to be clear on what your request is.

Rep. Duran: Senator Lambert.

Sen. Lambert: Thank you. Well, we have not really processed those bills out of Appropriation. I hope we have due diligence to keep that within the targets that we’ve set here in the long bill. Otherwise we’re going to have serious problems finishing out the fiscal year.

Rep. Duran: Well, and thank you Senator Lambert for staying on the bill too. I think we all put a lot of good work into this and so I want to thank the committee for all of your hard work and hours and hours of conversations and so forth. And it’s great to know that we’re unified in this endeavor. So with that, I think we are pretty much done. And the one thing I will say is that there is no doubt that Appropriations is the new kill committee (laughs).”

Audio begins at 30:56.

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