King Condemns Democrats for Protecting Repeat DUI Offenders

Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee voted on a party line today to kill a bill (HB-1036) that would have made repeat DUI offenses a felony in Colorado. The same bill passed out of the House on a bipartisan 56-6 vote. 

In effect, this means someone can get an unlimited number of DUIs in Colorado without facing felony charges. 
“The decision by Senate Democrats to kill this bill puts our children in danger and all of the drivers on Colorado’s roads at risk,” said Senator Steve King (R-Grand Junction). “While we would prefer DUI offenders to be rehabilitated and to rejoin society never to offend again, at some point we need justice. How many DUI’s can a person have before justice for victims outweighs treatment and attempted rehabilitation of criminals? Five DUIs, Fifteen DUIs, 25 DUIs? Only when they murder a child or a loved one? According to today’s vote, Democrats think its ok for someone to get an unlimited amount of DUI’s without facing the consequences of a felony charge. That’s fundamentally unacceptable and shows a cruel callousness to Colorado victims of DUI.” 

HB-1036, would make it a class 4 felony if someone gets three DUIs within a 5 year period and would make it a class 5 felony if someone gets 4 DUIs within fifteen years of the first of three prior convictions for DUI. 

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