Holbert Health Network Transparency Bill Passes First Test

Denver -- Most Colorado health care consumers currently don’t have a clue about why when a long-time doctor, physical therapist or other care provider is suddenly excluded from their narrowing insurance network. But that soon could change if a bill that passed its first test at the Statehouse Monday eventually becomes law.

SB-88, authored by Majority Leader Chris Holbert (R-Douglas County), will help improve health network transparency by requiring that certain networks offer notice as to how and why such changes are made. At present, most patients and doctors impacted by such “de-selection” decisions are left completely in the dark.   

“We believe that patients and care providers who are forced to part ways when a health network narrows are at least owed advance notification of those changes from the insurer, along with an explanation of why such changes are necessary,” said Holbert. “Because as it stands now, the lack of answers when a network narrows or a doctor is de-selected from such a network just adds insult to injury for the patients and care providers involved.”  

SB-88 passed the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee on a 5-2 vote. It next moves to the Appropriations Committee for consideration.


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