Hill’s Military Enrollment Recognition Bill Moves Forward

DENVER – Senate Bill 12 passed the Senate this morning on second reading. The bill amends Colorado’s educational performance indicators to recognize military service as equal to enrollment in postsecondary education.

Previously, SB-12 passed the Senate Education Committee with bipartisan support.

These performance indicators are utilized to measure the success and progress of all 178 school districts in the State of Colorado.

“Not only does the status quo discourage our school districts from presenting military service as a respectable alternative to enrolling in higher education, it also presents military service as somehow being less honorable than college,” said Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs). “That’s not the message we want to send. Military service is respectable, it is honorable, and those that choose that path deserve the same recognition that our college-bound students receive.”

SB-12 will now be voted upon once more before heading to the House for consideration.

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