Hill Proposal Looks to the Future

DENVER--Today, the Senate Transportation Committee gave the green light to Senator Owen Hill's (R-Colorado Springs) bill to allow autonomous vehicles in Colorado on a unanimous vote.
Senate Bill 17-213 promotes the use of autonomous vehicles by designating them a statewide concern, laying the groundwork for the development of these self-driving cars in Colorado. 
SB 213 allows those cars to exist and creates a loose framework for lawmakers to continue to legislate on this issue as technology progresses. 
This will help ensure that investment in Colorado businesses and jobs in manufacturing and technology will not be threatened by burdensome regulation.
In 2016, Uber was forced to pull driverless cars off the roads in San Francisco after California put the brakes on vehicle registrations for this technology. The project was then moved to Arizona. SB 213 would open the door to successful projects in Colorado, paving the way for more local jobs in this burgeoning industry. 
"Many states lack the imagination and dedication to pioneering innovative legislation like we have, here in Colorado," said Hill. "Our state is often on the cutting edge of new technologies and policies because Coloradans aren't afraid to think outside the box and look to the possibility of a brighter future. We're telling these tech and manufacturing firms that Colorado shares their vision and is open for business."
SB 213 now continues on to a vote of the Committee of the Whole.
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