Hill Leads Charge for Better School Funding

DENVER--Today, the Senate passed Senate Bill 296, the School Finance Act, carried by Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs), on a bipartisan vote with 10 Democrats joining Republicans to support Colorado students.
The General Assembly is constitutionally required to fund public, K-12 education in Colorado.
The School Finance Act in its current form, sets school funding to the budget that passed the Senate on March 30. The bill increases per pupil funding for Colorado schools from $6,367.90 to $6,546.20, providing more resources for kids and teachers in classrooms across the state.
The proposal sets the base for total program funding for all Colorado K-12 schools at $6,585,800,182.


The bill was amended on the Senate floor by Senator Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs) to give recourse to districts whose enrollment projections show student population growing by 20 percent over one fiscal year, allowing them to apply for additional funding from the Contingency Reserve Fund. Any funds appropriated from the Contingency Reserve Fund would have to be reimbursed based on a timeline agreed upon by the District and Department. 
Additionally, Senator Kevin Priola (R-Brighton) successfully attached an amendment fixing the misnomer "Negative Factor" to the more fiscally precise and accurate "Budget Adjustment."
"This School Finance Act is the product of both chambers coming together across party lines to say every single one of our kids matters more than partisan political games or petty differences," said Hill. "I, along with Colorado Republicans are committed to getting government out of the way and empowering families to make the decisions that are best for their childrens' futures. In these final days of session, I am pleased Democrats joined with Republicans to affirm that the education of future generations is a top priority in Colorado."
SB 296 now moves to the House for consideration.
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