Heavily-Amended Open Records Update Passes First Test

Denver -- After several delays and a good bit of controversy, the Senate State Affairs Committee today gave bipartisan backing to an open records modernization bill, SB-40, aimed at bringing the law into the digital age.

State Affairs Chairman Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), who drew unfair fire from one local paper after delaying the bill’s initial hearing in response to stakeholder concerns, said he believed the reprieve brought changes and amendments that gave the bill a better shot at success.

“Although today’s testimony made clear that the bill’s still far from perfect, and obviously needs more work, enough progress was seen that I think it earned the chance to move forward,” said Scott, who added an amendment of his own extended open records rules to the judicial branch. “As long as we’re updating and modernizing the law, we ought to make sure it applies to all branches of state government, including the judicial system.”

Democrats on the Committee who otherwise loved the bill were for some reason opposed to extending its reach to the judicial branch. But Republicans approved the amendment, striking a blow for what Scott called “100 percent transparency.”

SB-40 now moves to the Appropriations Committee for consideration.


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