Hearing on Open Records Bill (SB-40) Postponed

Denver -- Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction) today announced that an open records bill (SB-40) slated for a hearing by the State Affairs Committee next Wednesday, February 22, would be rescheduled for Wednesday, March 1, so numerous stakeholders who have expressed concerns about the measure, as written, can be heard and consulted with.

“I hate to have to delay a hearing on this bill again but this is a highly complex issue on which we’ve heard  a variety of stakeholder concerns, “ said Scott.  “Whether more time and discussions will resolve all these concerns remains to be seen, but it’s a matter of such importance that I believe we can take more time to work through all the issues.”      

Stakeholders who have expressed concerns about the bill include:

Office of the Colorado Attorney General

Colorado Association of School Boards

Colorado Association of School Executives

Colorado School District Self Insurance Pool

University of Colorado System

Colorado Water Congress

Colorado Counties Incorporated

City of Westminster

Denver Public Schools

University of Northern Colorado

Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC)

Colorado Rural Schools Alliance

East Central BOCES

Douglas County Schools


Please call Sean Paige at 719-337-0355 if you have questions.

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