Harvey Releases Statement on Lawsuit Challenging West Metro Fire Protection’s Special District Election

Senator Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch) released the following statement on the lawsuit filed against West Metro Fire Protection District:

“I am not surprised that this election was a disaster from every standpoint,” said Harvey, who led the floor debate in opposition to HB 1164.  “The Democrat majority rushed this dangerous bill through the legislature without adequate scrutiny and rejected many commonsense amendments.  I fully expect they will be back next year with still another ‘fix’ to clean up the unworkable mess they have created.

This is only the beginning of the many scandals we will see in elections all the way through to November because of several highly flawed election bills passed by the Democrats and signed into law by the Governor.”  

The May 6th election was conducted by the WMFPD under the new election code for special districts enacted by passage of HB 1164 which was signed into law by the Governor in February.  HB 1164 failed to include specific provisions to protect the voters’ privacy in mandatory mail ballot elections, and forced untrained special district officials to run these complex elections without Secretary of State guidance and oversight.  HB 1164 passed the Democrat controlled Senate and House on a party-line vote. 

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