Harvey Condemns Democrat War on Rural Colorado


Senator Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch) issued the following statement today condemning Democrats for voting down HB 1113 in committee and continuing their attack on the wallets of rural Coloradans: 

“Democrats have had three chances this session to cease their war on rural Colorado and all three times they instead chose to continue their assault on the wallets of our rural citizens. Even though Governor Hickenlooper himself recognized that SB 252 is a very problematic bill when he signed it, he has done nothing but pay halfhearted lip service to this issue since and is nowhere to be found when it comes to taking real action to protect rural Colorado. Democrats fail to realize that in rural Colorado this isn’t a Republican or a Democrat issue, it’s a law that is opposed by voters from both parties.” 

Three Strikes

Democrats have had three chances to either fully repeal or modify SB 252 this session. 

Senator Ted Harvey sponsored a full repeal of SB 252 earlier this session in the form of SB 35. Harvey’s bill was voted down on a party line vote by the Senate State Veteran and Military Affairs Committee - also known as the ‘Kill Committee’ because it’s where Democrats send quality Republican legislation to die. 

House Republicans have sponsored two pieces of legislation this session, HB 1067 and HB 1113, which would have modified SB 252 to ease the burden on rural Colorado. HB 1067, sponsored by Rep. Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton), would have delayed the mandate until 2025. HB 1113, sponsored by Rep. Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction) would have cut the mandate to 15%. 

HB 1113 was voted down by Democrats today in committee and HB 1067 was voted down by Democrats yesterday in committee. 

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