Grantham Comments as Special Session Ends

Denver -- Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) released the following statement today, upon conclusion of a special session in which no agreement on a bipartisan SB-267 fix was found.

"This unfortunate waste of time and tax money could easily have been avoided if Gov. Hickenlooper spent more time working in a bipartisan fashion in advance of calling the special session. Our opposition to this special session was well known to the governor. He knew we had philosophical and constitutional questions about the so-called fix he was backing. More bipartisan consultation and pre-planning was needed to improve our chance of success. But he plowed ahead anyway, without adequately laying the groundwork for success.

So where do we go from here? Back to work, as always. The three months between now and January give us the time we need to work through issues that were impossible to resolve in a surprise special session. We agree that finding a solution to the bill-drafting mistake is possible and we regret any hardships the glitch may be causing in some of the special districts. But we are also working toward a constitutional solution, which addresses the problem without violating our oaths of office or further complicating things by getting us sued for a TABOR violation.

Finding a resolution, a constitutional resolution, will be the focus of this caucus in the months before the regular session in January. I look forward to addressing this issue and all of our top priorities when the legislature meets again.”


Please direct media inquiries to Sean Paige at 719-337-0355.

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