Grantham Responds to Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling

Denver -- Colorado Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) released the following statement today in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case:

“This ruling stands as a clear and humbling rebuke to all those, inside and outside the Statehouse, who took the position this last session that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission can do no wrong, and that it always acts within appropriate legal and constitutional boundaries. It clearly does not,” said President Grantham. “Not only does this ruling demonstrate why Senate Republicans made the effort we did to reform the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, but I think this opens the door to follow-up reforms now that we all have a better understanding of where cases of overreach and abuse can occur. 

We hate to say we told you so...but we told you so.  We pushed for modest but necessary reforms and restraints, which were designed to rein-in the potential for such abuses, but Democrats refused to budge on much of what we proposed, and even now seek to diminish the significance of this ruling. This shows precisely why the Civil Rights Commission needed to be depoliticized, de-radicalized and returned to its original mission -- to protect the civil liberties of all Coloradans, not just a select few.

The refusal of many Democrats and special interests to see the need for any but the most innocuous reforms offers troubling proof that they care more about politicizing the commission than seeing it follow constitutional principle. We hope they will do some serious soul-searching in the wake of this ruling. But I will not hold my breath.”

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Thank you, Senator Grantham.
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