Grantham Calls Guzman Comments "Baffling"

Denver -- Senate President Kevin J. Grantham responded as follows to comments made by Minority Leader Lucia Guzman at a press event earlier today.


"If Senator Guzman wanted to dictate punishment for Senator Baumgardner she should not have removed herself from the legislative process. Senator Baumgardner was punished, with the exact punishment requested by Senator Guzman when she was still part of the process, weeks ago. For her office to say otherwise is a complete misrepresentation.


We have also asked for further criminal investigation into all workplace harassment complaints tantamount to assault. We, as legislators, lack the tools to investigate and punish allegations of this severity. This is why we have repeatedly called on Denver District Attorney Beth McCann to investigate these allegations and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if she finds the necessary evidence.


It is beyond baffling why Democrats want to protect the accused – both Republicans and Democrats - from criminal prosecution if they did what has been alleged?"




Follow this link to read Grantham's March 6 letter to Denver District Attorney Beth McCann. 


Follow this link to read Grantham's remarks at his March 1 press conference. 

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