Grantham: New Committee Demonstrates Commitment to Natural Resources

With over 200,000 Coloradans employed by the energy industry, it is as important as ever for our elected officials to demonstrate to our constituents that we are listening to their concerns about our state's natural resources. Our state has always held environmental stewardship in the highest regard, but Coloradans are unwavering in their support for economic security and energy independence. It is with this delicate balance in mind that I commissioned the new Select Committee on Energy and the Environment.
The committee-chaired by Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction)-will dig deeper into some of the toughest issues facing our state. In casting their ballots to maintain a Republican majority in our state Senate, Coloradans sent a strong message that they expect innovative solutions and swift action from their elected officials on economic and energy policy. The Select Committee on Energy and the Environment is our immediate response. The Republican members of this committee reflect districts that have raised some of the most pressing concerns regarding Colorado's energy future, and I am confident they are eager to find meaningful solutions for their constituents.
We will have many informed debates in the coming months that will explore the role of government agencies in implementing carbon mandates and energy standards, the continued safety of well-regulated industries, and our persistent dedication to storing Colorado water here in Colorado. The committee will call expert testimony from some of our state's foremost authorities on energy, aimed at delving deeper into the data. It will examine studies like a 2014 University of Colorado Boulder (CU) inquiry that sampled fracking fluid and determined it to be no more dangerous than many household substances, or a comprehensive analysis carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which concluded that hydraulic fracturing does not result in any systemic change to water quality. We believe that every Coloradan has a right to the facts, and we will be dogged in our dedication to presenting the unfettered truth.
In the coming session, Senate Republicans will signal to the nation that Colorado is ready to lead, not only as a top energy producer but as a hub for innovative energy policy where free market solutions to our most pressing questions can succeed. We will continue to consider every avenue available to us, from unwavering support of our existing sectors-on which so many Colorado families depend-to exploration of new industries and renewable resources that may find their place in new energy policy as consumers put them through their paces. Senate Republicans will adhere to the all-of-the-above approach to energy policy that Coloradans demand, we understand the importance of maintaining a balance between championing the industries that drive our economy and protecting the natural resources all Coloradans cherish. 
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