Grantham Leads Grassroots Effort to Fund Trump Portrait

Visitors to Colorado’s Capitol building will find the portraits of every President except one displayed there, since no organized effort has yet been made to raise the $10,000 in private funds required to commission a portrait of current President Donald J. Trump.

But Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) is stepping up to help raise the necessary funds, with a grassroots GoFundMe campaign he launched on his own initiative today. 

Grantham was spurred to action by those who point to the missing portrait as a sign of Trump’s lackluster support among Coloradans. The absence became further politicized last week, when someone violated Statehouse rules of decorum by placing a portrait of Vladimir Putin near the blank space where Trump’s portrait should hang.

While some dismiss all this as partisanship and “prank”-pulling, Grantham decided to answer the Trump-bashing in a more constructive way, by leading the fundraising effort himself. He even made the first donation of $100.

“We’ve all seen the news, there’s no portrait of President Trump on display at the Colorado State Capitol,” Grantham says in a video pitch requesting donations, “which is why I’m excited to announce that we’re taking the reins and raising $10,000 to get a painting of Donald J. Trump in the Hall of Portraits at the Colorado State Capitol.”

Grantham points out in the video that President Obama’s portrait was largely funded by a single donor. But he wants to take a more grassroots and “populist” approach with Trump’s portrait. “We figured it would be much more fitting to have everyday Coloradans, and Americans, pitch-in $5, $10 or $25 to get this portrait up. The artist, a Colorado Springs native, has already informed us that she is more than willing to get started, and we’re excited to see this blank space filled.”

Grantham won’t speculate on how long it would take to raise the necessary funds. But Coloradans can’t help support the effort unless they know that the portraits are funded through donations, which this effort is aimed at doing. “I’m sure President Trump’s supporters in Colorado and elsewhere will happily pitch in, once they know they can play a direct role in commissioning and displaying his portrait,” said Grantham. “But they won’t donate until someone asks them to, which is what this effort is all about.” 

Grantham’s video announcement and the GoFundMe portal can be found here.

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