Grantham Congratulates Winners: Calls for Republican Unity

DENVER -- Colorado Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) this evening congratulated all the candidates who won primary elections Tuesday. He also called on fellow Republicans to rally and unify behind candidates who champion the limited government, pro-freedom principles that will steer Colorado clear of the California-like quagmire that awaits if Democrats remain politically dominant.

“First, let me congratulate all who won their primaries today, whether they are incumbents or challengers,” said Grantham. “I also want to urge Republicans to put aside any momentary differences the primary brought out and reunify behind candidates who will keep Colorado Colorado and not try remaking this state into Eastern California.

Colorado this election cycle finds itself standing at a major fork in the road,” added Grantham, “with voters facing a clear choice between the extremist path the state will follow if Democrats remain politically dominant, or the more centrist, balanced, fiscally-responsible path Colorado will walk if Republican candidates and values gain support and prevail. We already have seen the extremes to which Democrats will go if there’s no check on their appetite for massive government and smothering, job-killing regulation. The only way to prevent a repeat of those mistakes is to support candidates who aren’t trying to turn Colorado into California, but understand that this state’s continued success depends on common sense solutions, fiscal and regulatory restraint, job-friendly economic policies and support for the limited government ideals that made America strong, free and prosperous.”

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