Grantham Blasts Proposal for Pay-to-Play Special Session

Denver -- Colorado Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) today issued the following statement in response to Gov. John Hickenlooper's shocking proposal to let special taxing districts fund the "emergency" legislative session scheduled for next week, despite those districts having a direct financial interest in the outcome of deliberations. 

 Grantham responded as follows:

"Having interested parties pay the cost of a special session has to be one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard from this Governor, coming in close second to his baffling and botched decision to hold an unnecessary special session without doing the pre-planning and consultations required to improve our chance of success. This idea would set a terrible precedent and has potential to create huge public misperceptions about the fairness and integrity of the process. We sometimes hear the criticism that politicians are 'bought and paid for,' but what the Governor's proposing here would make that literally true. What's next? Will he try lining-up sponsorships for the regular session as well? His complete mishandling of this situation, from beginning to end, doesn’t bode well for next week." 

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