Governor's Climate Comments Draw Heat from Ray Scott

DENVER — Colorado State Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Energy and Environment, released the following statement today in response Gov. John Hickenlooper's continued support for former President Barack Obama's now-defunct Clean Power Plan:

"Many Coloradans are dismayed and perplexed by the Governor’s Tuesday afternoon statement of an unwillingness to follow federal law after years of sermonizing about federal clean air mandates.

The President yesterday reversed many years of EPA arrogance by withdrawing the 2015 EPA 'Clean Power Plan,' an EPA mandate that had no basis in the federal Clean Air Act or other laws enacted by Congress. Henceforth the EPA will follow the letter of the law and not the “emanations and penumbras” issuing from EPA lawyers and environmental extremists.

The era of EPA overreach has now ended, and the Governor is not happy that he cannot use the hammer of EPA mandates to coerce Colorado industry and ratepayers.

The EPA’s favorite Governor is suddenly dismayed and alarmed by newly announced EPA policies. Republican lawmakers welcome this breath of fresh air from that federal regulatory agency and invite the Governor to “get with the program.'”

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commented 2017-03-29 18:33:31 -0600 · Flag
So Colorado Republicans are looking eagerly to the past and eagerly awaiting dirty air and water? Fantastic! I can’t wait to cast a vote to retire you out to politician pasture. We need Republicans who want to keep our air clean and our water drinkable.
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