GOP Responds to Court Action on Coffman v. Hickenlooper

State Senator Ellen Roberts (R-Durango) released the following statement today in response to Gov. John Hickenlooper's faltering attempt to undermine the independence of Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman. Roberts is a lawyer who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. She is also President Pro-Tem of the Colorado State Senate:

"Although there is some legal ambiguity on the meaning of this ruling, we’re pleased that a majority of justices turned away the Governor's attempt to undermine the Attorney General’s independence through this maneuver. We continue to believe what an earlier court ruling seems to make clear, which is that Colorado's elected attorney general does not require the governor's permission to take action that she believes is in the best interests of Coloradans. We hope Attorney General Coffman will continue exercising her independent legal judgment, rather than take directions from the Governor's office. Too often under our current governor, Coloradans have been dictated to by a national agenda developed by Obama bureaucrats. Attorney General Coffman is right to challenge the long and oppressive overreach from Washington, and we don’t believe Coloradans elected her to serve as a rubber stamp for this administration."

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